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The FICTIONistas are coming to Owl’s Nest!

Saturday, November 26th at 2:30pm.

FICTIONistas is Canadian independent publishers bringing together women writers from across Canada for an exciting, vibrant reading series unlike any other.

The discussions are lively, the performances are stellar, the secrets are…revealing! For the 2011 season, we return to our roots, with events at eclectic independent bookstores and coffee spots that provide the perfect vibe for our FICTIONistas’ voices. Find your new favourite author among our impressive lineup.

Hosted by Paul Matwychuk, general manager of NeWest Press.

The Calgary FICTIONistas are:

Sue Sorensen

A Large Harmonium (Coteau Books)

A sharply comical year-in-the-gloriously-unruly-life of English Lit professor Janey Erlicksen, as she struggles to put her academic career on the map while dealing with her despotic toddler, Little Max. Along the way she relies on husband Hector, boy-wonder babysitter Rene, crazy unreliable friend Jam, and on Jake, the understanding minister who helps her pick her way through it all.

Genni Gunn

Solitaria (Signature Editions)

When Vito Santoro’s body is inadvertently unearthed by a demolition crew in Fregene, Italy, his siblings are thrown into turmoil, having been told by their sister Piera that Vito had fled to Argentina fifty years earlier after abandoning his wife and son. Piera, the self-proclaimed matriarch, locks herself in her room, refusing to speak to anyone but her Canadian nephew, David. Now scattered over three continents, the family members regroup in Italy to try to discover the truth.

Alison Preston

The Girl in the Wall (Signature Editions)

After leaving the Winnipeg Police force, former Inspector Frank Foote has gone into home renovations. But his investigative instincts are still strong. When he and his partner come across the skeleton of a small female who had been imprisoned in a building they’re tearing down, Frank finds himself trying to track down her identity.

Judy Schultz

Freddy’s War (Brindle & Glass)

1946: Freddy McKeen returns home to Winnipeg after spending five years as a prisoner-of-war in Hong Kong. Three women — Joanna Keegan, her daughter Hope, and the beautiful and mysterious Su Li — feel the echoes of Freddy’s ordeal in each of their lives. For Freddy, the memory of war is a heavier burden than the weapon he once carried. He must fight to survive in a world that has left him behind.

Wendy McGrath

Santa Rosa (NeWest Press)

What is real when seen through the eyes of a child? When does the harshness of reality transform idyllic memories? The young narrator of Santa Rosa seeks the answers to these questions as she tries to make sense of the disintegration of her parents’ marriage — a process echoed by the slow disintegration of their neighbourhood.

Janice MacDonald

Hang Down Your Head (Turnstone Press)

Randy Craig has a talent for finding trouble. Maybe she should have turned down the job at the Folkways Collection library at the University of Alberta—a dream job that became a nightmare when a rich benefactor’s belligerent heir turned up dead. Randy tried to be good—honest!—but now she’s a prime suspect with a motive and no alibi in sight.

FICTIONistas is a collaboration spearheaded by Coteau Books, with NeWest Press, Signature Editions, Brindle & Glass, and Turnstone Press. Freehand Books is also thier partner in fine fiction.

Meet the FICTIONistas at Owl’s Nest Books on Saturday, November 26th starting at 2:30.