Senior Owlets: Divergent by Veronica Roth

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Senior Owlets have reconvened for the next reading year.

For September, they read Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Comments included:

“Tris’s growth was believable.”
“Great plot idea.”
“Liked the idea of the different factions.”
“Violence at the end of the book possibly moved the ending along too quickly.”
“Realize there is a sequel, but it felt a bit like the author rushed the ending.”
“The promise of a sequel seemed to make the book end too abruptly.”
“Very believable characters, particularly Four and Tris.”
“Liked how each character had both strengths and weaknesses.”
“Awesome book.”
“Felt the ending didn’t deliver.”
“Characters became hollow at the end, but possibly that was the author’s aim.”

Divergent promoted a great discussion on what is the difference between bravery and fearlessness and on the many facets of being human.

Final score: 8.0999998 out of 10.

Next month: Puppet by Eva Wiseman

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