Gary Hickling launches his mystery novel at Owl’s Nest

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Gary Hickling, resident of Strathmore, Alberta, will be launching his mystery novel Mature Retribution: A Smile on Thursday, February 23rd.

Owl’s Nest Books is proud to be hosting this event.  Come down to meet Gary, enjoy a glass of wine and check out a new mystery.

From Tate Publishing:

‘I’m beginning to think seniors are tough old birds, with their wits intact and a head on their shoulders that still works with amazing results.’

So says Ben Boyd, 66, who has recently moved into an apartment block exclusive to seniors. A widower, Ben still feels resentment and anger at the loss of his wife and emotionally adrift in a world which seems to always outrun him. Ben meets fellow residents Martha, Lin, and Jack and friendship, trust, and admiration grow between the four elders. Each has their various talents, skills, and experiences which makes them unique in their own way.

But there are troubles in the neighborhood. Reports of theft spread across the block and rumors of a smiling stranger begin to surface. Could these things happen in such a great community? Does every Eden have its serpent? Ben must come to grips with the hand he’s been dealt, but also hold onto the life he has left.

Fortunately, he has the assistance of his new-found friends who are intelligent, caring individuals, willing and able to reach out a helping hand. What happens when a new age intrudes into the lives of an older few is yet to be told. Gary A. Hickling’s Mature Retribution: A Smile is just one story about the always present and ever-subtle work between life and death, one which readers won’t put down.

Date: Thursday, February 23rd
Time: 7:00pm
Our address: 815A 49th Avenue SW (Elbow Drive at 49th Ave)

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